Spa Services       

Exit Bath:  Small $30  •  Medium  $40  •  Large $45  •  Ex-Large $50
Our luxury exit baths include a thorough brush out to remove under coat and reduce shedding.  A deep cleansing and moisturizing bath with pure, all natural Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint shampoo formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E will provide a soothing experience and leave your pup silky, smooth, and smelling GRRReat!   A gentle ear cleaning, and nails filed or clipped round-out your pup’s decadent Paw-dicure!

Nail Trim:  $10
Includes nails clipped and/or filed.

Massage and Energy Healing
Mini Massage or Energy Healing:  $35
Mini Massage AND Energy Healing:  $60
Full Massage  $60
Trained in Equissage and Healing Touch for Animals® recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH)

Long gone are the days of thinking Canine Massage is just an indulgence!  Canine massage is the most calming technique available to help reduce stress for 1st time boarders.  Among the many benefits, massage reduces inflammation & swelling in painful joints, promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the muscles, stimulates circulation, and enhances muscle tone & range of motion.  

Our mini-massage is a 20-minute, hands-on therapy performed in our quiet bathing salon on an orthopedic bed.  We will concentrate on promoting a healthy mind/body experience by relieving stress and relaxing muscles. 

Our full-massage is 45 minutes of the mini-massage, plus adds more in-depth support for achy joints, releasing tension, and releasing endorphins.

Energy Healing is a modality that promotes a hands-off approach in restoring a natural, healthy state of balance for our fur-friends.  All living beings have an energy field that can become compromised as a result of injury, stress, and other life experiences.  “Healing Touch for Animals” (HTA) initiates relaxation in the body and releases endorphins in the brain, and brings about a sense of well-being which promotes healing and peace of mindType your paragraph here.

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